Laying Mulch during Fall Clean-Up

Laying mulch during fall clean-up is something everyone loves to do.  Something about a fresh bed of mulch really makes your flowers pop during each season. We wanted to warn you about something you need to watch out for when you are laying your mulch line.  You can tell in the video that there is a brick line and then the slab line. You want to make sure you don’t stack the mulch up over the slab if the house. You can see the weep hole in the brick. That’s where the wall weeps away moisture. If you cover that weep line, water can actually seep into your house through those covered weep holes  When laying your mulch, make sure you leave plenty of the slab line showing.

Just something to keep in mind when laying your mulch.  If you have any questions, let us know.  Have a great day!