Lawn care in Shreveport, Louisiana, and their owners care for their lawns greatly. You can observe that by walking down the street and take a peek at their luscious bright green lawns and front yards. You can’t help yourself feeling a bit jealous on all that luxury that breathes through every shrub and tree, from every flower bed and from every patch of perfectly trimmed lawn… You can’t but smile watching children running around playing, families putting up a picnic Sunday afternoon and friends gathering for refreshments in one of these oases.

However, lawn owners face the annoyance of owning only sad, dry, almost dead portions of land, with ill – looking turf and poorly fed greenery. And to these last lawn owners we will address, as nothing is lost, provided you decide to plant new grass seeds and make sure your lawn will bloom spectacularly, boasting with health and beauty.

First things first, let’s take a look at the weather channel

The Internet provides you with authority resources regarding specific U.S. areas and the best moment in a year to plant new turf seeds for ensuring a positive outcome. However, since we live in Shreveport, Louisiana, we can match the season with the planting timing by being aware of our local climacteric conditions, weather, seasonal changes, and seasonal risks and so on. This set of best practices will help you shorten the research time with great results and help you plant strong, lush grass for a gorgeous and fresh look of your revamped lawn.

Summer can be a drag on so many levels

The warm season comes with hot temperatures people can barely stand, let alone the soil and the greenery. All lawn owners know that watering and basically soaking your lawn in water in regular cycles of two days (and even daily in extreme temperature cases) is mandatory, so trying to plant new grass seeds in this time of year might result in bad outcomes. For instance, you will have to fight weeds strengthening their roots and sprouting, not to mention pests, insects and a less – friendly soil to deal with. Also, daily watering may not comply with your busy schedule, while any error in lawn care upgrading can actually prevent the new grass from its natural growing cycle. So you’d better spend the summer at the pool and leave the grass seeds plantation for some other time.

Winter can be mild, but still dangerous

Even if the temperatures are not extremely low and there are no heavy precipitations on the horizon, planting new grass seed in winter still seems like making a rod for your own back. The new seeds have plenty of chances to not develop a strong enough root system, not to mention that weather these days is quite unpredictable and mischievous.

Best planting season in Shreveport?

Whatever is left to work with: the early mild and friendly seasons of spring and fall, when you can manage and control weeds and pests without a hassle, when you can avoid (as much as you can) extreme seasonal changes and meteorological phenomena, when the soil is ready to receive the new life and when you can predict and prevent potential bad results.