Keep Those Blades Sharp!!!

One of the things about taking care of your grass is it gets supper strong and supper thick.  All that grass can wear out your mower blades fast though.  Shape blades are important for several reasons.  One is they help provide a nice clean cut to the grass.  Dull blades tend to rip and tear at the grass.  Another benefit is sharp blades mulch the grass much faster and more efficient.  If the grass is not cut into fine enough pieces when mulching it will contribute to the build up of thatch much faster.  Depending on the amount of grass you are cutting, you should be re sharpen them at least 4-6 times a year.  If you have a lot of weeds that are hard on the blades it may even be more.  There are several places in town that offer this as a service.  Or, if you need a crash course, stop by the shop and let Rico show you how it’s done.