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Integrator – General Manager

What We Do


At Matthews Landscape & Pest, our purpose is to “Improve lives, some by working for us and others by working with us.”  This means we want to not only improve the lives of our clients but the lives of the people who work with us as well.  We believe in each individual’s full potential and love to celebrate success.  Sometimes success means new opportunities.  After years of learning, growing and leading at multiple levels within our organization our current leader has an unbelievable opportunity to keep improving his life.  To be upset or sad about this would go against our core purpose.  


One of the common frustrations we hear from people outside our organization is about a lack of teamwork or empathy towards people.  Sadly, managers forget all too often that it is people who make a business work.  And the only way to make a business better is to make the people better.  One of the main ways we protect and nurture our team mentality is through our Values.  Not only are individuals expected to live our values, they are also expected to hold teammates accountable to them as well.  The Values are what unify us and allow us to make an impact on lives.  


So, if you are passionate about self improvement, working for and with a team of highly motivated people who are always trying to make themselves and the company better, keep reading.  If you are more content to work in a corporate job or a boring “stable” job, don’t read any further.  


Our Values


Knowledgeable:  We problem solve using experience and expertise.  We apply logic to situations and have a complete understanding of the task at hand.  We are skilled at what we do and use this skill to execute the Matthews brand promise. 

 Dedicated:  We go above and beyond, always doing the “right thing”.  Doing the right thing is the only option.  We are consistent and devoted to the purpose of growing and developing people.

 Trustworthy:  We are able to be relied upon and honest no matter the outcome.  We understand that being trustworthy is what allows us to be vulnerable.  It is through open and authentic communication and a willingness to grow that the best results happen. 

 Fun:  Company culture always comes first and is to be protected at all cost.  Contributing to a positive company culture and keeping “happiness” a priority is always a must.  


Why Join Our Team


When you improve your life and the lives of others around you the impact is greater than just you.  Self improvement is contagious and spreads to your family and friends.  Being in an open and growth oriented environment allows you to see the world for what it can be, not what it is today.  There is nothing more rewarding that setting meeting goals as a team and enjoying the success with those around you.  Sometimes you’re the leader, sometimes the follower.  Winners want to be around other winners.  When people see you enjoying the joys of making not only yourself better but those around you are impacting the world more than you realize.  

 Your Voice Counts:  Team members may own specific roles, but everyone has a say when we set goals and make plans.  We value your input and experience.  

 High Trust:  We work hard in a transparent environment where you can be yourself.  We genuinely care for one another and enjoy high levels of mutual respect. 

 Culture:  Our team believes in one another.  We love to live our Values, enjoy getting to know one another and at all cost laugh together. 

 Always Learning:  Working here is like getting paid to go to school.  We are always learning, testing and looking for new ways to grow and improve our business.  

 Working With Great People:  Be a part of a talented leadership team where you will collaborate on fun and exciting work. 

 Meaningful Impact:  Be a part of something bigger than yourself and impact those around you. 


Who You Are


You are “next level” when it comes to being organized and managing details.  You are the person whose friends and loved ones always comment, “Nothing gets by them!”  At the same time, you are humble in your knowledge and never set out to intentionally intimidate those around you.  Whenever something does go wrong or an issue is present, you are the one coming up with solutions to not only fix the current problem but look for ways to prevent the issue from coming up again.  You are not the person looking to place fault and blame on others.  

 You are completely and utterly trustworthy.  Your honesty and integrity are unquestionable and those who put their trust in you have complete confidence that their trust is held sacred by you.  People with trust issues need not apply. 

 You are willing to do what it takes…lift boxes, clean floors and hold doors if that’s what it takes to get something done.  No job is beneath you.  

 You genuinely like getting to know and collaborating with other team members.  You love being part of a committed team and find it easy to get along with others.  Everyone who interacts with you describes you as being positive and helpful.  


Things You’ve Done In The Past


  • While not required, a degree will be taken into consideration.  We are more concerned with experience. 
  • You’ve got experience in managing multiple people.  Experience with multiple managers who have teams under them is a big plus.
  • Thrived in a fast-paced environment with minimal direction.
  • Experience and successfully used various apps, productivity and CRM software systems.  


So What Will You Be Doing?


While there are many, and random task you take care of, ultimately your success in this role will come do to 4 important roles as the Integrator: 

  1. LMA Lead, Manage, Accountability of the established Leadership Team  
  2. Profit & Loss of the business and how it relates to to the established Business Plan and Budget
  3. Remove obstacles and barriers that get in the way of the leadership executing the business plan
  4. Special Projects that arise and establishment of new or improved services 


I Integrator Roles & Responsibilities:


Business plan execution

  • Understanding our flywheel 
  • Knowing and understanding the company goals and objectives
  • Strong financial knowledge of the business 
  • Focus on continuous improvement 

Strategic planning 

  • Ability to implement and execute against existing process and procedures
  • Understanding of the people and tools at your disposal to most effectively achieve our goals.
  • Sustaining and establishing relevant and reliable data points to focus on throughout the year 
  • Defining clear goals for each role that allow both the individual and the leadership team to understand success 


Utilize the Visionary’s ideas


  • Research and validate ideas and proposals
  • Prioritize and establish clear timelines for implementation of ideas and proposals
  • Execute and implement plans and proposals 
  • Meet regularly with the Visionary to provide status of the business and its goals 


Keeping the leadership team together and on the same page


  • Ask questions – get to the “why” – eliminate assumptions and find the facts
  • Focus on logic – what makes sense for the business 
  • Understand each seat of the business in enough detail to know when certain topics need to be addressed (i.e. inventory, expenses)
  • Removing obstacles in a way of keeping necessary things a priority in the rest of the leadership team minds 


Ensure proper management of projects on each department


  • Keep the leadership team organized and pointed in the same direction.
  • Put in place plans and procedures to minimize disruption caused by the seasonality of the business in regard to the people, equipment, and supplies needed to serve our customers  
  • Remove obstacles from the leadership teams path allowing them to achieve company goals
  • Meeting regularly with leadership team both individually and as a group
  • Creates opportunity for new ideas from all levels of the company to be presented to the leadership team  
  • Being the tie-breaker for decisions as necessary
  • Stepping in and having conversations with others as necessary across the business (employee or client)


Build and maintain strong relationships with customers, vendors, and other stakeholders. 


Continuously researching for business opportunities to feed the Visionary and/or to grow and support the other departments.  Always willing to grow.  

If you feel even more excited about this opportunity after reading all of this, and believe you have what it takes, we want to learn more about you! 

Please send your resume to, and click here to take a short survey so that we can learn more about you.