Fuel vs Small Engines

Government intervention is so great…especially with it does wonderful things like tear up you lawn equipment!  Have you ever heard of Ethanol?  It’s something that is required to be in gas these days.  While it isn’t horrible for you car, it is a disaster for small engines.  The Ethanol causes the carburetors to clog up, makes the engines run hot and is just all around bad news!  You have a couple of options though.  For your lawn mowers using regular gas, look for the stations that sell Super Unleaded Ethanol Free.  Yes you are going to pay more for it at the pump but the cost of repairs will far exceed the extra expense.  For you weed eaters, edgers, chain saws and such, use the same ethanol free fuel to mix with.  Or, look at most any hardware store or gas station and buy what’s called TruFuel.  It comes pre packaged with all the good things you need.  Spending a little extra now is a cheap insurance policy that you wont regret in the long haul!