Fruit Fly Trap

Have you ever had a fruit fly infestation?  Chances are you have…if you have kids then you know what I mean!  Typically the issues start when you have fruit or vegetables that are ripe or get left out.  Banana pills are the worst but it can be anything.  They get left in the trash can or kids leave them hidden for you and the rest is history.  The most important first step is to get rid of the source.  Get the food out of the house, clean up any juice spills or what ever is causing them to be there.  Even with insecticides you wont be able to keep them killed.  Once the food sources are gone they will stop reproducing so it’s time to get rid of the flies still around.  Using a Fruit Fly trap is a easy way to handle this fast.  Wrap the top of a container using cling wrap.  Make sure there is some sort of bait like a piece of fruit in it.  Then poke several small holes in the wrap using a tooth pick.  Over a 24 hour period it will blow you mind how many you can catch.  Now just take them outside and turn them loose.  Hope this helps!!!