Fire Blight and Bradford Pear Trees

Disclaimer…I hate Bradford Pear Trees

Have you noticed Bradford Pear Trees that look like they are dying?  Specifically dying from the inside out?  Chances are the trees are dying from a disease known as Fire Blight.  It usually starts out with 2-3 dead branches and is very minor looking.  Most people often think they are broken branches and don’t pay any attention to them.  Another issue is this damage is usually at the top of the tree in the center so it can be hard to spot.  By the time you do notice there is a problem it is to late.  The damage is irreversible and nothing can be done to save the tree at this point.  It is called Fire Blight because the limbs and leaves will start to look as if they were burned by fire.  It will slowly loose all of it’s leaves and continue to drop dead branches.  It will be just a matter of time before a strong wind comes through and the trees usually split in half.  I wish we had a better answer for you but if you have a tree that’s been infected then it’s a matter of time before you will need to cut it down.