What to do when you find Leaf Spot

Have you ever noticed Indian Hawthorns leaves turning red and getting thin?  Chance are they are suffering from a fungus called Leaf Spot.  The disease gets it’s name because of the small “spots” or “dots” that appear on all of the leaves.  As it fungus becomes worse, the leaves will start to fall off of the plant making it look very thin.  It usually happens when the plants stays to wet, are planted in thick groupings and don’t get enough air flow to dry out.  Most people think that the plant has died when all or most of the leaves fall off.  In most cases the plant is not a complete lose.  You just need to treat the area with a fungicide, remove all of the infected leaves that are on the ground and limit the amount of water they are getting.  It is going to take a full growing season for severely damaged plants to fill back in but they can recover.  If you have any questions feel free to ask!