Equipment Care

By this time of year you are probably on 2nd or 3rd trim.  Just like your lawn mower blades, you want to make sure the blades on your trimmers are sharp.  When you have a sharp trimmer blade, you will make a cleaner cut. Dull blades will tear the limbs leaving a shredded mess.  Also having a clean air filter, good spark plug, good fuel will help in allowing the equipment runs at it’s top potential. All of this resulting in a better finish product! 

A beautiful yard is the result of a well thought out plan.  We take time to inspect each job and put together a game plan to follow through the year.  We also use only the best products.  Sure, there are some cheaper short cuts to take but that is what you will end up with, a cheap product and a cheap look.  Do not settle for anything but the best. If you have any questions or comments, contact us!!