Don’t trim your sasanquas…right now anyway!

Much like Azaleas, there is a right time and a wrong time to trim your Sasanquas.  If you aren’t sure, Sasanquas are a low growing evergreen shrub that blooms in the late fall or early winter time frame.  Most often they produce a white (snow on the mountain) or pink (ShiShi) bloom.  The proper time to trim them is right after they drop their blooms in the spring time.  By late summer they are covered in small buds that will turn into the blooms in several months.  Trimming them now would remove these buds and affect the number of blooms the plants produce.  Another thing to note as well is these plants are suppose to have more a natural look to them as they grow.  Unless you have a special situation, there is no need to routinely trim these plants.  Hope this helps!