Dogs vs Grass

Do you have any random dead spots in your otherwise healthy looking lawn?  Maybe there are more than one, maybe they are all in the same spot, maybe right off the patio…MAYBE it’s the dog?  You may ask what your dog has to do with dead grass but in some cases they have everything to do with it.  Dogs urine is very high in ammonia which will kill the grass.  This is especially true with larger breads.  Dogs also are creatures of habit and tend to use the bathroom in the  same place over and over.  For house dogs it tends to be right off the back patio or outside the front door.  It’s the exposer to ammonia over and over that will kill the grass.  You can fight this by using the water hose to wash the area down really well.  Another easier way is to simply change up the dogs routine and have them go some where different if you can help it.

So…next time you notice random dead spots in the lawn, consider the dog and not some other underlying issue!  Have a great day!