Commercial Grade Christmas Lights

Have you ever wondered how professional services make their Christmas Lights look so…professional?  It’s really not that hard if you have the right material.  To me the major advantage of using commercial grade lights is the ability to custom cut the lights to fit your roof.  Nothing is worse than only needing 33 feet of lights but you have a 50 foot strand.  What are you suppose to do with all the extra.  Well with the commercial material you can cut it with wire cutters and make you own plug ends.  The LED bulbs you can get are also much better than the ones from the bigger box stores.  The tend to burn brighter and longer that most.  Also with the LED’s, power and plugs is no longer a issue.  In most cases you can light up the entire house and only need one or two plugs.  I could keep going on and on about the benefits but you get what Im saying.  There are several places on the internet to buy the material or if you want to shop locally, try Splash Pools and Spas in the auto mall.  If you have any question about where to get them or how to use them, feel free to ask!