Taking Down Christmas Lights

When taking down Christmas lights… most people just throw in a box and store for next year. What happens when you open that box the next Christmas?? Aggravation happens! Everything is tangled. You don’t remember where you put what. It’s just a mess.

When taking down your lights this year, get some graph paper and make a map.  Especially if you custom cut your lights this year.  Once you have them up and you decide where they go, label each end.  End one, end two, start one, start too.  Whatever works for you.  Use the the graph paper to sketch your house.  Then you can highlight the map to correlate where you different ends are.  That way next year you see that end one goes here.  That way you don’t have to second guess where you put your lights last year.  it’s something we have done for years but is something that cuts down on some time of figuring it out next year. If you have any questions, let us know.  Have a great day!

For more information on Christmas Lights, visit our Youtube channel.  Click here!