Chinch Bugs vs Drought Damage

Do you have Chinch Bugs or Drought Damage? Did you know the damage from both looks very similar?

The problem with both is they look the same, kill your grass quick and have completely different treatments! Chinch Bugs are an insect that suck all the life out of the blade of grass (much like children sucking the energy out of their parents). Once they have what they want they move on to other areas in the yard. The blade of grass is still there but it is dead. This is when it gets confused for drought damage. It looks like the lawn needs water. An easy way to tell is taking a look at the bigger picture. Like in the video, maybe most of the grass is green except of a certain area. Chance are it is bugs. Maybe the entire lawn is looking rough, this could be drought damage. It could also mean you haven’t been paying attention and the bugs have just taken over. Either way both conditions are not good and need to be addressed. If you have questions about your lawn, send us a picture and we will give some advise!