Busted Vacuum Breakers

Do you remember back in November when we reminded you to turn off and winterize you sprinkler system?  Now that winter is over and people are turning their sprinklers systems back on some are finding a lot of disappointment…busted vacuum breakers!

The vacuum breaker is the copper thing on the side of your house.  Often time is can even be seen hidden in the flower beds.  It is a piece of equipment required by law in order to have a sprinkler system.  To be technical your suppose to be licensed by the state to even work on them.  Its sole purpose is to prevent a back wash of contaminated water back into the main community water supply.  It is one of those things that is very rarely needed but when it does work it is a life saver.  Kind of like a seat belt!  The only down side of them is every winter they need to be completely drained.  If they are not, the water will freeze and cause the pipes to crack.  Another common issue is only half of the vacuum breaker will get winterized.  There are actually 2 shut offs and both have to be drained as well.  If you just shut off the one side it will still run the risk of freezing.  Once it is busted, the sprinkler system is useless until it gets repaired.

Since this is a more technical issue, please feel to message us if you need any help.