Brown Patch Is Back

Have you noticed any unusual looking “Brown Patches” in your grass lately?  It’s name is very original and is called Brown Patch.

It’s actually a fungus that can cause a ton of damage to your lawn.  You will first notice small yellow circles in your grass, usually St Augustine.  As the round patch starts to grow the grass will start to die and turn brown.  This time of the year it is very important to treat the issues.  If the grass goes dormant and the fungus is still active, it will greatly affect how well the grass grows next Spring.  You will end up with the say large round circles in the grass.

Typically a single application with a fungicide will handle the issues.  If the yard is in very bad condition it is possible a second will be called for.  Most fungicides are only affective and active for 14 days.  See the link below.  We prefer to use the higher grade product that is active for 30 days.  Remember to follow the label instructions and only apply at the recommended rates.  Also make sure you know how much grass you have so you have enough product to apply.

Hope this helps.  Feel free to ask us any questions.

14 Day Version CLICK HERE

30 Day Version CLICK HERE