Bossier City, LA, residents who own spectacular green lawns and yards can’t help but associate this landscape with John Steinbeck’s “Pastures of Heaven” descriptions. It is indeed idyllic to gaze over your garden and your lawn in a summer morning and feel accomplished and home, have that deep sense of belonging that makes you happy and smiling on the inside. But to reach such glorious perspective, to really manage a lush lawn, you need to put your mind and efforts to it, as lawns don’t come with user’s guides and they surely don’t grow lush and healthy at a push of a button. Today we will talk about mowing your lawn, but not as your favorite part of Saturday morning ritual, but in terms of do’s, don’ts and advice you should follow in order to avoid mistakes and damaging the health and the looks of your grass.

Don’t treat your grass as if it were not a living organism!

Every living breathing organism on this planet suffers greatly if subjected to mutilation, stress, malnutrition or other bad treatments, and your grass makes no exception. Cutting the grass too short, cutting it too often or cutting it with a dull mow blade represent just as many stress reasons for your grass to lose its strength, become a weak victim in the case of a weed outbreak that can suffocate and kill it, can become vulnerable to disease and, most importantly, not being tall enough for the sun to reach and nurture it, it’s like you signed its death penalty. Grass shock and stress is a serious threat to the health and looks of the lawn and all agronomists and horticulturists will tell you that one of the biggest mistakes in lawn care is mowing the turf without following the rules.

Do learn the ideal height of the grass you grow!

Horticulturists agree that generally, the right mowing height for grass is 1/3 of the total blades length. However, there are species and varieties of grasses with specific ideal heights. For instance, in warm climates you will find more of the Bermuda and Zoysia types and given their features, they thrive at a blade length of 1 – 2 inches, compared with cool – weather typical grasses, such as Bahia or Kentucky Bluegrass, which need to be a bit taller (3 – 4 inches) so the sun can reach and nurture them. In Bossier City the weather is just as it should be and knowing your ideal grass height will ensure that your lawn, garden and front yard will make your neighbors green of jealousy every time they pass by your property.

Some advice on mowing that needs to be followed

First things first, you should learn about your soil and the grass type you grow, as these are two variables on which depend the mowing height and mowing frequency. Horticulturists agree that once or even twice a week is an optimal one for the turf to get richer, healthier and strong. Regarding your turf’s ideal cutting height, you can consult the web resources dedicated to lawn care and landscape maintenance or you can ask for specialized help and supervision from a lawn care company. But these do’s, don’ts and advice represent the first basic rules of growing and keeping another American pasture of Heaven right in front of your house.