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Annual Color Looking Bad After Snowmageddon?

Is your annual color looking bad after all the snow? Most plants took a beating with the all the snow and ice. While it’s too early to tell the true damage of the ice, the good news is with warmer weather on the horizon, some may start to perk back up. They’ve used a lot of energy these past few weeks, so if you’re not already feeding them, get your plants on some sort of plant food to replenish that energy.  The unfortunate reality is the type of annual color that is planted in the area just isn’t cut out for the wild winter weather that we experienced. It’s inevitable that some won’t make it. In that case, you can remove it until it’s time for new spring color. Hope this helps!

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Worried About Your Grass After The Snow?

After snowmageddon last week, people have been contacting us about their yards.  They’ve been worried the snow and ice did permanent damage to the grass below it.  You might be surprised that the layer of snow actually helped protect the grass from the cold.  An extremely cold wind would do much more harm than snow and ice by dehydrating the grass and drying it out. The soil below was much warmer than the top layer.  More good news? If you did pre-emergents, the melting snow will actually help spread them across the soil. So, don’t fret!  Your grass should be fine.  Hope this helps!

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Azaleas After Snow

This week, we’re going to talk about a few plants that may have taken beatings from Snowmageddon 2021!  As a general statement, your plants will be fine.  Although they look a little sad, we wouldn’t recommend going in with sheers and trimming them just yet.  Cutting some plants now could do more harm than good.  Check out the video in regard to azaleas, one of the most popular plants around time.  Hope this helps!

Worried About Your Plants After a Winter Freeze?

With all the cold temperatures, snow, and ice many people are wondering if their plants are going to survive. The truth is some will and others won’t. The plants that will have the most damage are going to be your palms and other tropical type plants. Other plants will suffer from broken limbs and branches due to the heavy weight of the ice buildup. A lot of annual color that is covered in snow and ice will be damaged beyond repair as well. Just because you see a foliage turning brown though doesn’t mean the plant is dead. Oftentimes the plant will stop sending food and energy to the foliage in an effort to save the main body.  A lot of plants will need some major pruning this Spring when things warm up and the plants start growing again. It is important to remember though not to get out there and start cleaning anything or cutting branches just yet. We still have plenty of winter left and will more than likely see freezing temperatures again this year. When you cut off the dead limbs, it will promote new growth which is something we don’t want yet. The new tender growth will be more susceptible to freeze damage and could just harm the plant even more. It will also be important to feed your plants this spring, more so than ever before. The plants are exerting a ton of energy and using up their food sources right now to stay alive. Once this all passes, we will want to replace that so there is plenty of nitrogen for them this Spring.  

So, to sum it all up:

Don’t trim your dead plants yet. Wait until the Spring when the temperatures are warmer and freezes like this are past us.

Don’t be alarmed when you have to do major cutbacks to several of your plants. They will need a total reset to come back stronger and healthier. 

Do make sure you feed your plants a quality slow-release food source this Spring. Make sure it is early and don’t wait too long.

The Correct Way to Spray

Not only is putting the correct treatments down at the right time important for effective lawn care, the way they’re put down matters as well.  If it’s not done correctly, there could be spots missed, under-spraying, over-spraying, etc.  Our techs are very methodical in how they distribute the liquid.  If you’re treating your yard yourself, slow down and make sure you’re covering the entire yard evenly.  If you have any questions, let us know!

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Winter Prep Series #2: Fountains

We’re giving you guys some little tips to save yourselves some headaches and dollars with the cold weather rolling in!  Today, we’re going to talk about fountains.  As you can imagine, freezing water can cause costly damage.  Many people think about their plumbing in cold weather but might not think about the accessories around their home.  We hope this helps!!

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Winter Prep Series #1: Vacuum Breakers

Over the next few days while temperates start to drop, there are some things that you can do to save yourself a headache.  We will discuss a few things this week with vacuum breakers being up first.  It’s important to get things winterized to prevent things from bursting or breaking.  Check out our YouTube channel for advice or call us so we can help you!  Y’all stay warm!

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Got Bugs?

It’s a good idea to have regular pest control treatments (hey, I know a guy), but besides that, there are things you can do that can help prevent the bugs from entering your home.  Bugs like to enter through any nook and cranny they can, so be on the lookout for entry points, and get them handled before you’re sharing your home with more than just your family members and pets. Let us know if you have any questions!

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Clean Your Drains and Gutters!

With the leaves still being around from Fall and the periodic rain we’ve had and will continue to have, it’s important to keep your drains and gutters clear of debris.  They can’t work their best if they’re clogged with leaves, sticks, etc.  If you can’t, or don’t want to, do it yourself, there are plenty of companies that can do it for you!  If you have any questions, let us know.  

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