Shreveport, LA is the perfect place to spoil yourself with professional lawn care, gardening and shrub and flower trimming and some lawn owners in these parts managed to make their lawns look exquisitely appealing. It is known that responsibility and sustainability in lawn care are mandatory for obtaining those emerald green oases of grass and turf, but some, be them inexperienced or overachievers, sometimes make costly mistakes which have damaging effects on their properties. Besides mowing and aeration, trimming and weed or pest control, watering sounds the simplest of the lawn care tasks. And yet, if not done properly, too little water can turn a lawn into a sad arid desert, while too much water can create a swamp exactly where you didn’t need one. In case this happens, there are a few methods you can apply in order to properly drain the lawn before the flooding compromises any chance of your lawn’s survival.

Over-watering your lawn is not a tragedy provided you took care of some things in advance.

  • Regular aeration. Compacted soil doesn’t allow water drainage and water standing still and not going anywhere is a sure way to kill your lawn. In order to prevent this, you should aerate your land once or twice a year so you can allow any accidental flooding to limit its overall damage.
  • Organic compost is another prevention method and managing a healthy, well nurtured lawn can also diminish the effects of over-watering. You don’t need much for this, just leave behind grass clippings that result after a mowing session (taking care that thatch doesn’t get built, nor weeds are left behind to sprout and regenerate). These clippings are full of water and nutrients and they will feed your turf enough to resist to damage.
  • Draining flowers and shrubs plantation. Some greenery is nature’s way of telling you it has a solution for every problem. There are many plants, flowers, herbs and shrubs that not only look gorgeous if planted artistically, but in case of excess water, they will become true natural draining systems. Some examples include sweet pepperbush, red osier dogwood, bee balm, marsh marigold and elephant ear among others and they will gladly help you get rid of the inundation.
  • Going professional. If you are convinced that your grass needs a lot of water and frequent watering sessions, given the region you live in and the climacteric features of your area, you can prevent all harm from flooding the lawn by installing professional drainage systems. This type of lawn care infrastructure is the specialty of trained lawn care technicians. They can also fit dry creek bed installations, making sure that come rain or come your sprinklers, the excess water won’t turn your lush lawn into a grim swamp.

Maybe you know all of these prevention methods and caring for your lawn in Shreveport, LA, is as easy as it is pleasurable. However, accidental inundation can be prevented and have its damages limited if you make the right decisions of calling specialists to help and take action in due time. Always remember its better to irrigate then Inundate!