3 Different Insects To Watch For

There are several different types of insects that can over take your lawn but 3 can cause major damage and destroy your lawn.

#1-Chinch Bugs:   These are the most common in our area.  They have a sharp needle like beak that gets poked into the grass blade.  They then suck all of the nutrients out.  Before they leave a toxin gets injected into the grass that results in the grass dying.  It is often confused as drought damage and people turn the sprinklers up.  By the time they realize there’s a bigger problem the damage is done!

#2-Army Worms:  These guys actually eat the blades of grass making things look thin and as if the grass disappears.  Often times they get confused as caterpillars and people over look them.  They can wreak havoc on a lawn in a matter of days.

#3-Grub Worms:  They actually eat the roots of the grass.  When the damage is done it looks like new sod on the grown.  After a short period the top of the grass dies.  When you remove the dead grass you are left with just bare dirt.

All 3 of these guys are bad news and move fast.  Remember, chinch bugs suck the goodness away, army worms eat the blades and grubs eat the roots.  If you need any help identifying them just let us know!