3 Things to consider when hiring a Fertilization Company

1:  Are you licensed with the State?  It is actually a pretty big deal and illegal to offer this service if your not properly licensed and insured.  

2:  How is the lawn being treated?  The primary focus of our program is on weed prevention.  It is a proven fact that weeds are easier to prevent than to kill.  Also make sure there is a long term food source being used.

3:  How many applications are you performing?  A lot of programs are selling you a 8 application program with 6 will get the job done.  It has everything to do with the products being used. Better products equal better results!  

How it all works…

All of our pricing is based upon the square footage of your grass being treated.  Once you request a FREE estimate, we are able to measure most lawns using Google Earth.  This allows us to work an estimate in a matter of minutes. We will send you a text and email with the estimate attached. After you accepting, we set up a 1st Time Application. These are all performed by a supervisor and are not part of the normal cycle we are on.  This 1st time app helps us play catch up with your lawn and get it up to speed.

The day before any service, you receive an email and text letting you know we are coming. After completing the job an email is sent with any specific watering instructions and details on what was applied. All of our trucks have GPS and are looked over daily. 

The best service, guaranteed and only a phone call away!

The Program…

Our 6 step program focuses heavy on weed prevention.  The goal is to prevent the weeds using a quality, well time pre emergent.  Next there are 2 rounds of slow release fertilizer to feed the lawn all summer long.  Most products only feed for 30-60 days. Our blend last for 120. Once the weed are prevented and the grass is growing strong, there is not a need for expensive herbicides to kill weeds.  The other applications also include insecticides for fire ant control and Potassium for feeding the roots during the winter months.

Things to note…

It is important to remember that your grass is a living thing much like you and I.  And also like us, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. It takes a little time to get the lawn back “into shape”.  We tell people give it a full year to see all of the full effects. None of the 6 applications are the same and all serve a different purpose.  Skipping steps in the program is like skipping leg day at the gym…those legs don’t lie!!!

Don’t forget about your bushes…

 The program consists of 6 applications throughout the year. We focus on fertilization and insect prevention. Feeding your plants is very important, but staying on top of your pest prevention is key.  Landscape is a major investment when it comes to a home. Protecting it from bugs is not only a cheap insurance policy but will also make sure your home keeps its curb appeal.  

Ever Heard of Crape Myrtle Scale or Black Mold???

You my have never noticed your Crape Myrtles before, but you would be surprised to know that the mold is a direct result of Scale living in the tree. The bugs feed on the tree, do their business on the tree- The end result is continuous growing of black mold.  Eliminating the insects solves the issue. When treating for scale, you will want to start in the Spring. This is when the bug is young and tender. 


The Program…

Our package consists of 2 treatments during the Spring months. We use a combination of soaking the outside of the tree, killing the bugs on contact. We return 2-3 weeks later for a deep route injection. This allow the insecticide treatment to spread through the bark and any remaining bugs will feed and die.